Educational Support Program

The Sacramento Waldorf School values the unique nature of each student and while talents vary, every young man and woman here has special gifts to offer to the School community and to society as a whole. Although remedial instruction is not currently available in the High School, the faculty strives to meet the needs of as diverse a student body as possible. The Educational Support Program works to identify students with learning challenges and to develop individual learning plans that will support success in the High School. Students are encouraged to develop efficient organization and study skills, as well as an understanding of personal learning styles, all while implementing strategies developed to optimize success in the classroom. Important goals in this process are the preservation of self-esteem, protection of their love of learning, and development of effective self advocacy. Ongoing communication with parents, students and support persons such as tutors or academic coaches is important to the development of a "living" and effective plan for each student.

Parents or students seeking additional information about the High School's Educational Support Program (ESP) can contact the High School office or the Educational Support Program Coordinator, Whyt Pugh, directly at (916) 860-2509  or

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