Festivals & Celebrations

Life at the Sacramento Waldorf School is enhanced by a host of festivals and celebrations, held throughout the year to mark the passage of seasons and holidays, developmental milestones, and significant historical moments. A sampling of events open to the whole community includes:

Opening Day - September 8, 2015

A beloved tradition to celebrate the start of a new year. The entire school community gathers under the canopy behind the Margaret Preston Administration Building. Second graders welcome our new first graders as they begin their journey through the grades. We honor the incoming Senior class with roses. The faculty gives a musical offering to the community and we recite the “Bell Ringing Verse” together. Parents linger after the ceremony to greet old friends and welcome new families.


Michaelmas - September 25, 2015

The ancient festival of Michaelmas celebrates harvest, human courage, and the triumph of light over darkness. Grades two through twelve participate in a pageant on the athletic field. Each class has its appointed role and children eagerly anticipate their future. The sixth grade takes the role of the fierce, fire-breathing dragon. The beast is created in secrecy over many weeks, to emerge and challenge the assembled crowd. Two members of the Senior class are chosen to portray Michael and St. George; endowed with heavenly strength and light, Michael and St. George subdue the mighty dragon for the good of all.


Harvest Faire & Open House - October 17, 2015

Resembling a village fair of old, our annual Harvest Faire includes activities for children, live performances, food booths, vendors, and more. The Faire is hosted by our Parent Guild and every family contributes to create this special day for our children. Classrooms are transformed into a variety of activities, stores or displays, including an Alumni Café.



Winter Concert - December 17, 2015

Held in mid-December, the Winter Concert showcases our talented students from third through twelfth grades. Dressed in holiday finery, they perform songs, instrumental pieces, Eurythmy, plays, speeches, and skits. This event is always packed as families gather to celebrate the season together and enjoy the extraordinary talents of our students.


A Grand May Day & Annual Art Show - April 30, 2016

May Day celebrates the spring and the transition of our eighth graders from Lower School to High School. The eighth grade performs traditional, intricate maypole dances. As they dance their way around the maypole, they greet one another again and again. Their individual strands weave together to form a brilliantly-colored, complex cloth. This symbolizes the rich journey they have taken together over the years in the Lower School. Classrooms are open, displaying a full year of student work. High school students sell a variety of foods.

Our children eagerly anticipate Grand Day! On this special day, grandparents and other loved ones are our honored guests for the morning. The day offers a combination of classroom visits, student performances, campus tours, and a delicious lunch prepared and served by our Senior class. Grand Day recognizes the importance of these special relationships in the lives of our children.

The Annual Waldorf Art Show coincides with May Day weekend. The show, held in Linden Hall, features a variety of works of art by our talented students, faculty, alumni, and parents. Some work is available for purchase.


Class Plays and Concerts

Waldorf students are talented and confident performers, as is evident in the class plays and concerts performed by classes throughout the year. From a young age, they participate in a variety of class plays and concerts, giving them poise, grace and confidence. Class plays reflect the curriculum, from simple puppet shows in Kindergarten to full-length plays as part of the culmination of eighth and twelfth grades.


Senior Benefit Concert, Senior Play, Senior Send-off Concert, Senior Walk-Through

We mark the end of our students’ remarkable journey with a series of events. The Senior Send-Off Concert showcases our music program -- members of the twelfth grade select their favorite pieces for choir, orchestra, or jazz to be performed. The Senior Benefit Concert shows a more contemporary side of their talent -- twelfth graders perform a variety of skits or music as a benefit for their Senior trip. In Senior Walk-Through, held on the final day of Lower School, every child in the School gathers to honor and celebrate our graduates. Beginning in the Kindergarten, the Senior class is greeted with song or verse and an offering of fresh flowers. As they make their way from class to class, they retrace their own journey through the grades. The journey ends where the school year began, under the canopy behind the Margaret Preston Administration Building. The Class is greeted with tremendous applause. Seniors then lead the School in reciting the Bell-Ringing verse and the school bell tolls one last time. Graduation will follow one week later, after completion of the Senior trip.