High School Registrar

High School Registrar/Student Records

The High School Registrar maintains individual student academic records including grade reports, transcripts, credit standing, and current grade point average. The Registrar also maintains the High School program's University of California approved course list and assists the High School counselor during the senior college application process. You can contact our Registrar, Julia Merris-Coots, at (916) 860-2534 or at jmerriscoots@sacwaldorf.org.

Grading Periods & Grade Report Mailing Dates:

Main Lesson grades are due to be reported to families 6 weeks following the conclusion of the lesson (holidays not included).  This is due to the extensive nature of grading Main Lesson books.  Main Lesson grades issued after a quarterly grade deadline will be reflected on the next quarterly grade summary. Track class grades are reported to families three weeks after the conclusion of each quarter.

Grading Cycle for the 2013-14 Academic Year:

Quarter One Ends: Nov 1

Grades Available By: Nov 22

Quarter Two Ends: Jan 17

Grades Available By: Feb 7

Quarter Three Ends: March 21

Grades Available By: April 11

Quarter Four Ends: June 13

Grades Available By: June 27

Request Transcripts

Requests for official transcripts must be provided in writing with the signature of parent or legal guardian (students under 18 years old) or the student (over 18). Requests must include the name of the student, graduation year, date of birth, number of transcripts requested, and complete mailing address for schools or programs to which the transcript should be sent. Students or parents requesting an unofficial transcript can arrange for pick up in the High School office. You can download a Transcript Request Form here.  Requests can be faxed to the high school office at (916) 860-2506.