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International High School Admissions

Sacramento Waldorf School has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence in Waldorf Education, an international system with over 1,000 schools.  International students appreciate the intimate size of our high school, the inclusive culture, and excellent teachers and curriculum.  The International Program is for High School Students from outside the United States interested in a multi-year program. We welcome applications from international students and value the cultural diversity and individual gifts our current international students bring to the student body. International students have attended SWS from one to four years. Several have chosen to stay and graduate, later matriculating to institutions of higher learning in California or elsewhere in the United States.

We encourage students who are bright, inquisitive, imaginative, and compassionate to apply. We currently have students attending from China, S. Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.  We especially encourage students to apply from our sister Waldorf schools worldwide.


-  Improve English language fluency

-  Prepare for US universities 

-  Challenge yourself

-  Lifelong friends with native English speakers and students from all over the world

-  Participation in clubs and sports

-  Cultural immersion

Program Details

-  We help students contact a local host family

-  Full immersion:  International Students attend classes alongside all the other students

-  We provide the I-20 visa

-  Tuition for 2015-2016 is approximately $20,000, not including home-stay fees

-  Required home-stay fees are usually around $1,500 per month for Room and Board

-  Success in our curriculum is largely dependent on the student’s ability to respond to course material in writing. While we provide some on-sight tutoring, we do expect international students to be proficient in English speaking, reading, and writing. All first year international students are required to take tutoring in English outside of school.

-  International Students are required to have Medical and Dental Insurance and to receive all US required immunization shots. Insurance may be purchased through TaiAn Insurance through the websites listed below.  These pages also detail the required level of insurance students must have. Proof of Insurance is a requirement for students to attend the school.
                Click here to see SWS required Medical Insurance page in Chinese:

                                     TaiAn Insurance page in Chinese
              Click here to see SWS required Medical Insurance page in English:
                                     TaiAn Insurance page in English


Applying for Admission

International high school students applying for admission complete the International Student application form. We prefer students to apply for admission into Grades Nine or Ten. Students who are applying to grades 10, 11, or 12 are required to provide a translated copy of academic records for high school equivalent education in a foreign country.  Instructions for having your academic records translated are here.  
(We do not accept international applications from students below grade nine unless the applying student will live with their parents full-time in the local community of Fair Oaks. For further information about Lower School admissions please conduct our Admissions Office at and find applications here.)

English Proficiency - Confidence in Speaking, Reading and Writing

All candidates must demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English as we do not provide ESL support. We require non-native English speakers to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or other equivalent tests; below are the following scores that are guidelines for the minimum English proficiency to enable you to thrive at our school. We conduct a comprehensive interview via Skype with each applicant. During the admissions process and new student orientation, we will meet with each student to determine the amount of additional tutoring that a student will require in order to be able to pass our courses and to thrive in our school. This tutoring will be beyond the limited tutoring that we provide. This additional tutoring will be an extra charge. Parents must be prepared to support this tutoring until the school determines that the student no longer requires additional help. This additional tutoring costs approximately $4,000 or more per school year and will continue at the discretion of the school.




TOEFL Junior










Campus Visit & Interview

All international students are welcome to schedule a campus visit and interview when school is in session. If you cannot visit in person, a Skype or telephone interview can be arranged after our admissions office receives your application.

I-20 Visa

We will issue an I-20 visa to a student after the student has been accepted by Sacramento Waldorf School and the parents have accepted and returned the signed enrollment contract and paid the $3,000 enrollment fee. Parents will need to provide evidence of financial support in the amount of $39,000 for the first year of study. All Fees and Tuition for International Students are non-refundable.

A local host address needs to be provided before an I-20 may be issued.

If you have any questions, please call 916-860-2518 and ask to speak with one of our admissions staff. You can also email any questions to:

Living Arrangements

The Sacramento Waldorf School has no boarding facilities, so International Students must make independent arrangements for staying with a local host family while attending. Students who need help in locating an appropriate host family must make this clear at the time of application to the High School. Efforts will be made to assist applicants in finding a host family, however placement through the School cannot be guaranteed.


The first day of the 2016-17 School Year will be Tuesday, September 6, 2016. International Students must be here one week earlier for student orientation. See our current year's School Calendar here.

International Student High School Calendar & Key Dates 2016-2017

International Student Orientation:  Monday - Wednesday, August 29-31, 2016

Opening Day of 2016-17 School Year:       Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Break:        Monday - Friday, November 21 - 25, 2016

Winter Break:                              Thursday, December 22 (Half Day) - January 9, 2017

Teachers' Conference Week (No School):  February 20 - 24, 2017

Spring Break:                               April 10 - 21, 2017

Last day of High School:            Friday, June 16, 2017

High School Graduation Ceremony:     Saturday, June 17, 2017



La escuela de Sacramento Waldorf en Fair Oaks (la escuela preescolar hasta el doceavo grado) ha estado preparando la juventud con éxito para vivir vidas satisfactorias y gratificantes por más de cincuenta añosNuestro campus bello de 22 acres incluye laboratorios de ciencia de lo más moderno, tres salas de representación, un gimnasio, campos atléticos, y una granja activa de 5 acres.  La escuela de Sacramento Waldorf facilita un programa de estudios comprensivo, inclusivo e interdisciplinario que está impregnado con arte, música, ciencias e idiomas mundiales.  Los estudiantes de la escuela de Sacramento Waldorf desarrollan un tipo de pensamiento creativo, flexible e independiente, así preparándoles para la universidad, los estudios de posgrado, y carreras exitosas.  La escuela de Sacramento Waldorf está reconocida por WASC y AWSNA

Die Sacramento Waldorfschule in Fair Oaks, Kalifornien (Kindergarten bis zur 12. Klasse) hat seit ueber 50 Jahren junge Leute erfolgreich auf ein erfuellendes und bedeutungsvolles Leben vorbereitetUnsere wunderschoene grosse Schule hat ein modernes Wissenschaftslabor, drei Konzerthallen, eine Sporthalle, mehrere Sportfelder und einen landwirtschaftlichen Bauernhof.  Die Sacramento Waldorfschule bietet einen unfassenden Lehrplan inklusive Kunst, Musik, Naturwissenschaften und zwei Fremdsprachen (Deutsch und Spanisch).  Die Sacramento Waldorfschule foerdert kreatives, flexibles und unabhaengiges Denken und bereitet die Schueler damit auf die Universitaet und erfolgreiche Karrieren vor.


Student Exchange Program (3-months)

Foreign students from Germany or a Spanish speaking country who are interested in establishing a three month exchange with one of our current students should apply as an Exchange Student (See High School/Student Exchange). Please note students who wish to attend Sacramento Waldorf School on a basis other than a three-month exchange are considered international students.

For more information about our Student Exchange Program, please visit this Page.



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