Meet our Teachers

Red Rose Kindergarten

Ann Landgraf

Coursework in art and psychology at California State University at Sacramento; coursework in early childhood education at American River College; coursework at Rudolf Steiner College. Ann teaches in the summer program at Rudolf Steiner College. Before coming to SWS, she led a Waldorf-inspired playgroup in her home. She worked with young children at SWS in various capacities before she became a kindergarten teacher. Ann enjoys pottery, watercolor painting, drawing, and gardening. (Joined SWS 1985)
Contact Ann: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3555


Margarita Hawk

BA in Administration (Escuela Internacional de Turismo, Mexico, City); Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma (Rudolf Steiner College). Margarita was born in Mexico City and immigrated to the US 17 years ago. She has also taken courses at RSC in Spanish, Parenting, and Early Childhood Education. Margarita has given numerous workshops on subjects such as Dia de Los Muertos, Parenting, Early Childhood Development, and Doll Making. Margarita is an accomplished doll maker and traditional crafter/artist as well. Prior to joining Sacramento Waldorf School, she taught multi-cultural awareness in the public school system, and was a Kindergarten, Spanish, and Handwork teacher at Camellia Waldorf. She was the Gardening teacher at SWS for two years and Kindergarten teacher at Davis Waldorf School for two years. She is an alumni parent and has six children and step-children and two grandchildren. She thoroughly enjoys her family and also takes time to participate in numerous school activities. (Joined SWS 2004)

Contact Margarita: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3588

White Rose Kindergarten

Eloisa Rodriguez-Drake

Waldorf Early Childhood Teaching Certificate (Rudolf Steiner College). Eloisa worked as a Kindergarten Assistant at Cedar Springs Waldorf School as well as a Gardening teacher. She then worked as a Kindergarten teacher at East Bay Waldorf School before coming to SWS. She enjoys music, rural living, vintage motorcycles and cars, family road trips, and camping. (Joined SWS 2007)
Contact Eloisa: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3547

Michelle Loftus-Gold

Waldorf Early Childhood Teaching Certificate (Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks CA.); completing BA in Early Childhood Education and Social Services (Ashworth University). Michelle has been a Kindergarten teacher at Golden Valley Waldorf Inspired Charter School, A Kindergarten assistant at Camellia Waldorf School, and owned and operated a WECAN home program, Little Sprouts Nursery, for five years. Michelle has worked as a Child Care Counselor for two years with emotionally disturbed children in group home settings. An SWS alum, (Kindergarten through 12th grade), Michelle enjoys camping, hiking, raising farm animals, felting, crafting, and spending time with her husband and two sons. (Joined SWS in 2009)
Contact Michelle: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3573


Lauren Hickman

Lauren is a passionate advocate for young children and their families. She holds a M.A. in Education from Touro University, an Early Childhood Teaching Diploma from Rudolf Steiner College, a B.A. in International Relations from U.C. Davis and an A.A .in Chemistry from American River College. An alumna of the Sacramento Waldorf School, she has been a Waldorf Educator for more than twenty years, as a Parent-Infant, Parent-Child, Nursery and Kindergarten Teacher. She is a former Waldorf school administrator and has served on several non-profit boards. Lauren is an early childhood mentor and a Licensed Preschool Director. Prior to joining SWS Lauren was the Executive Director of Rudolf Steiner College and Early Childhood Department Chair.

Contact Ms. Hickman: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3542

Jennifer Keefer

BS in Recreation Resource Administration at North Carolina State University; Coursework in Early Childhood Education at Rudolf Steiner College and Folsom Lake College. Since 2010 Jennifer has worked in various capacities at SWS such as Summer Camp instructor, Nap/Extended Care provider, and substitute Kindergarten assistant.  Over the last 7 years she has volunteered within the SWS community as a parent of 3 children. Jennifer enjoys the outdoors and sport-related activities, painting, reading to her children, getting together with family and friends, and great milk!



Simone Demarzi

BS in Elementary Education from Indiana University, Bloomington; Waldorf Teaching Certificate from WISC, (Highland Hall, Northridge Ca). Simone is a PITC trainer and Infant Specialist, a RIE Associate, and has completed the LifeWays Child Care Training.  She has taught Kindergarten in the Seattle Waldorf School, worked with children ages 4-6 on the Pediatric Psychiatric Unit in an Anthroposophical Hospital in Germany, taught Parent-Child Classes and Stringed Instruments to the 4th and 5th grades at Live Oak Waldorf and SWS, and was the Director for the LifeWays Children's Center at Rudolf Steiner College for 5 years. Simone is adjunct faculty at RSC; she mentors EC students for the Los Rios Community College district, and is currently running a WECAN approved Infant Toddler program in her home. She is a founding member of the Infant Toddler Network in Sacramento. Simone and her husband Alvaro have three children that graduated and went K-12 at SWS. Simone plays the cello, gardens, trains Guide Dogs, loves to create environments for children to play, bicycles, bakes, and loves the ocean and the mountains.

Contact Simone:  


Extended Care

Lindsy Bauer







Peter Schoen

BA University of Massachusetts; Sculpture Training Emerson College in England; Spatial Dynamics Certificate. Peter taught Art, Practical Arts, Earth Science, and Architecture and coached volleyball for 12 years at the Hawthorne Valley School in upstate New York. He taught Movement and Physical Education as well as some Middle School Science blocks for 10 years at the Monadnock Waldorf School in Keene,NH. Last year he taught Woodwork and Clay Modeling at the Camellia Waldorf School. He has worked with 1st through 12th graders during the past 26 years. He enjoys working with children of all ages. Peter loves to back country ski, mountain bike, play tennis, work with his hands, be outdoors and have fun. He spent several years wilderness packing, skiing and climbing in the Rocky Mountains while in his 20s