Our Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

At the Sacramento Waldorf School, we prepare students to realize their highest potential as free human beings. 

How We Accomplish Our Mission

We recognize each student as a unique individual with body, soul and spirit.  We offer an academic, artistic, and experiential education based on the insights and pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner which is a holistic approach that meets the needs of the developing child.  By holding a reverence for the path of each individual, we cultivate a dynamic culture of community and life-long learning.   

Vision Statements:


At the Sacramento Waldorf School, our educational program is guided by Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the development of the child. It provides a traditional Waldorf curriculum while developing critical thinking skills needed to adapt to a rapidly changing world. It engages students through a variety of learning preferences by providing opportunities for: learning experientially and kinesthetically; cultivating social and emotional intelligences; and experiencing arts-integrated academics. Our program is broad, deep, and richly varied, balancing academic rigor with loving faculty support. We honor each child as a unique human being, supporting students to develop a sense of who they are and what they want to contribute to the world.


At the Sacramento Waldorf School, our faculty are highly experienced in their subjects and in Waldorf education.  They inspire students through warmth, humor, and insight to become curious and courageous human beings.  Creating a supportive environment, they use the established curriculum as a dynamic resource to meet the developmental needs of each individual student.  Our faculty recognize that the inner life of the teacher influences all aspects of the education and therefore cultivate it thoughtfully and are committed to inner development.  The faculty speak for Waldorf education within our community and in the larger community.  They are deeply valued.


At the Sacramento Waldorf School, our vibrant and robust community is both a school for children and a village for families.  It is a second home for many; welcoming, safe, and loving.  It is a nurturing place of exploring, becoming, accepting and transforming.  We are mindful in relationships by being reflective, responsive and supportive.  Parents can engage in parenting education, social gatherings and classroom interactions.  Our community honors the uniqueness of each individual, valuing the gifts and contributions of our diverse members.  We recognize opportunities to be of service to each other as we create together, through acts large and small. 


At the Sacramento Waldorf School, our leadership is what moves the community towards our shared mission, vision, and values. It inspires us to be responsible and accountable both as individuals and as a community.


At the Sacramento Waldorf School, our communications foster a culture in which information is appropriately shared by faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni in a variety of ways.  Our communications create connectedness, inclusiveness, conversation, and awareness of school events and activities.  They deepen our understanding of Waldorf education.


At Sacramento Waldorf School, our physical campus provides a welcoming gateway to the school and its values. It provides rich and varied exposure to the natural world and teaches stewardship of land and community. It allows students to experience practical work with plants, animals and the land.  It nurtures community festivals and the play life of children.  The beautiful campus and structures provide a sense of wholeness, which inspires and supports the students’ educational and developmental activities throughout all grades.

Sacramento Waldorf School 3750 Bannister Road, Fair Oaks, California 95628

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