Sacramento Waldorf High School Counselor

Our High School counselor strives to empower students through awareness of personal gifts, talents, interests and future life goals. Each student is seen as a unique individual developing an equally unique and valuable path and purpose in life. Toward this purpose, the development of healthy relationships with teachers, peers, family and the wider community is a focus of equal value to the development of the mind through academic preparation and personal success.

Short-term personal and crisis counseling with referrals are provided as needed. Students can sign up with the counselor on the weekly schedule posted outside the counseling office and parents can make contact by email or phone. In addition, the HS counselor helps in developing accommodation plans, coordinates the standardized testing, and offers guidance with all college/gap/career related questions.

You can contact Janis Walters, High School Counselor, at (916) 860-2519 or

Sacramento Waldorf School   3750 Bannister Road   Fair Oaks, California 95628

(916) 961-3900