Sacramento Waldorf School Curriculum

The Waldorf curriculum is carefully designed to meet the developing individual. Our curriculum, noted for its breadth and depth, follows the developmental stages of childhood and mirrors the inner transformation of the child from year to year. The resulting educational experience is relevant and deeply satisfying for the student. The child begins in the world of the kindergarten with the loving guidance of two teachers. Learning takes place primarily through imitation, practical activities, creative play, and movement. The child’s world gradually expands, eventually encompassing ancient and modern knowledge, every corner of the earth, and the extremes of space. Subjects are taught in main lessons lasting approximately four weeks. Main lessons allow students and teacher to fully immerse themselves in the material. Basic skills are reinforced through “practice” or “track” classes later in the day. In addition, the Waldorf curriculum incorporates from a broad spectrum of special subjects. The Sacramento Waldorf School offers a full Waldorf curriculum at every age level. Find out more about Waldorf curriculum.

Lower School Curriculum Highlights

First Grade:
Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, and Nature Stories; pictorial and phonetic Introduction to Letters; Form Drawing; Reading approached through Writing; Qualities of Numbers; introduction of the four processes in Arithmetic; Multiplication Tables.

Second Grade:
Legends and Animal Fables; Native American Tales; Reading, Writing (introduce Independent Composition), Arithmetic.

Third Grade:
Old Testament Stories and the Journey of the Hebrew People; Study of Practical Life including farming, housing, clothing, cooking; Reading, Spelling, Writing, original Compositions; Grammar, Punctuation and Parts of Speech; Cursive Writing; Multiplication Tables and Long Division; Measure, Weight, and Money.

Fourth Grade:
Norse Mythology and Sagas; Local Geography and History, Map-Making; Study of the Animal Kingdom; Fractions; Independent Composition, Letter Writing.

Fifth Grade:
Ancient Civilizations including India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece; Greek Myths to Greek History; Geography of North America; Botany; Decimals; Free-Hand Geometric Drawing; Composition, Spelling, Reading, Arithmetic.

Sixth Grade:
Roman and Medieval History; World Geography; Mineralogy; Astronomy; Physics (acoustics, optics, electricity, magnetism, heat); Geometric Drawing with Instruments; Business Math; Biographies; Composition, Spelling, Grammar, Arithmetic (percentage), Reading.

Seventh Grade:
The Age of Discovery; Reformation; the Renaissance; Cultural Geography; Physics (Mechanics); Inorganic Chemistry; Anatomy; Health and Nutrition; Creative Writing; Pre-Algebra; Composition, Grammar, Spelling, Arithmetic, Literature.

Eighth Grade:
Revolutions; American History; Modern History; World Geography to Current Events; Organic Chemistry; Physics (hydraulics); Physiology; Meteorology; American Literature (short story); Geometry (Platonic Solids); Algebra.

The curriculum at each grade is enhanced by a full range of specialty subjects including Spanish, German, Handwork, Physical Education, Eurythmy, Gardening, Music, Drama, Painting, Drawing, and Modeling.

High School Curriculum Highlights

Click here for a complete listing of Sacramento Waldorf High School Required Curriculum.

Ninth Grade:
Anatomy and Physiology; Organic Chemistry; Physics (Heat and Energy); Geology; Algebra/Geometry; World Revolutions; Native American Studies; Mythology; Comedy and Tragedy; Art History.

Tenth Grade:
Inorganic Chemistry; Physics (Mechanics); Trigonometry/Geometry; Algebra II; Surveying; Greek History; Ancient Civilizations; US History; Bible as Literature; Poetics; Biology.

Eleventh Grade:
Cellular Biology; Botany; Periodic Table and Atomic Theory; Physics (Electricity and Magnetism); Algebra II/Pre-Calculus; Projective Geometry; Roman and Medieval History; Renaissance History; Parsival; Shakespeare; History of Music.

Twelfth Grade:
Zoology and Evolution; Biochemistry; Physics (Optics); Pre-Calculus/Calculus; Government; Latin American Studies; African Studies; History of Consciousness; Transcendentalists; Russian Literature; History of Architecture.

The curriculum at each grade is enhanced and enriched by a full range of specialty subjects including World and American Literature; English Language; Mathematics; Civics; Health; German and Spanish, Visual Arts, Performing Arts (Eurythmy, Drama, Music); Gardening; Physical Education, Practical Arts. The curriculum is further supported by an extensive offering of extra-curricular activities.

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