A healthy and full community life at the Sacramento Waldorf School (SWS) is one of our most treasured assets. It is in the participation and support of dedicated parents and friends with whom we are able to experience the essence of a Waldorf community. Our community has talented, enthusiastic, and loving parents, grandparents, alumni, and alumni parents who volunteer their work and wisdom in a host of ways to support the operations of the School. Volunteering comes in many forms - be it reaching out to welcome new family members, staffing a booth at the Harvest Faire, serving on a school committee, or supporting an activity within the classroom, sports programs or drama and music departments. We invite everyone to get involved and fully experience our wonderful SWS community. We urge all parents to participate and ask that each family commit to 40 hours of service per year. Take a moment and consider how your family can contribute to and be a part of the life within our School.

For assistance in matching your interests, talents, and schedule with volunteer opportunities, contact our Volunteer Coordinator by emailing volunteercoordinator@sacwaldorf.org, and Elsa Dooling, our Parent Guild Chair, through the School Office.

Download a Parent Participation Form here.